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thefantasytake: thanks for the add
thefantasytake: @Fuego Steve:
Anonymous65451: what's up guys
bkap35: does anyone actually use this?
Anonymous68946: Sign up to their Slack chat
j_mondeci: I just happened to get on here. I'm not sure if they are checking this chat anymore. To sign up to slack chat send and email to with your email address and slack in the subject
bkap35: THank you
cubsbaseball35: Is Tyreke Hill starting?
cubsbaseball35: i mean Tyreke Evans. Spell check
ralphpounds: Im a little new to nba fantasy. Should i pick rating or ceiling on a 4 game slate today. Another question is i picked a player from the player pool and used the optimizer and it gave me a score of 300.60 is that good or bad
jkirian: Where the hell is everybody!?
derekromano: Fuego Derek here
Anonymous79170: I just signed up for scoutdfs NBA and see this channel isn't being used. My email is
mdsmit10: That was strange not sure why it logged me out.
rob.rhodes80: Please add my email to slack:
asaville072: not a very good sign to be a new member and see that theres pretty much zero chat history!!
Anonymous82989: I just signed up again 12. A month, go to use the nba lineup optimizer and says i have to pay more money, signed up today now canceling today
mailhere88: i know this is an NBA chat but just thought i would ask if anybody knew if there was future plans for EPL experts to join dfsscout?
mailhere88: i find it difficult to find good info on EPL dfs games. thoughts on where to look?
mailhere88: i know rotowire and whoscored exist
Rick Smith: Anyone having issues accessing the ScoutScores for NBA?
cody4u2: yes
chrisgcox81: Sup anyone on here or does everyone go to slack?
chrisgcox81: Wanted help getting a gpp lineup for early slate goinghay
spbrezniak: everyone is on Slack
streetwise19: Curious if anyone knows lineup change for Suns 2night....
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Fuego Steve has rapidly become one of the best DFS players around. Over the past year he has won numerous GPPs, including two qualifiers. Fuego was a live finalist at the 2017 Fanduel Basketball Championships. Mainly a GPP player, he specializes in qualifiers, multi and single-entry contests, roster construction, game theory and has a knack for projecting ownership percentages.